So here we are! As promised, we are back with another list of good reads for you to add to your reading list. Each of these books offers something different – adventure, thoughtful curiosity, heartbreak… there’s something here for everyone! Enjoy! KOKODA – by Peter Fitzsimons This book follows in the footsteps of the heroes

We have been very fortunate to find some real gems in the literary world that pertain to adventure travel, hiking, mountain climbing and just getting out of your own comfort zone. We will be providing a short list with a brief description every so often of books we have come across that might inspire or

So this is a story and it is not really about Kokoda or hiking or trekking. It’s about connection. Connection with everything – whether we realize or not that what we do, or don’t do, impacts other people, somewhere somehow. In this big world of ours we sometimes forget that we are all connected. The